learn to move | move to learn

Jens Michael Eckrich

Personal Coach and Trainer
Krafttrainer A-Lizenz DFLV
Functional Movement System Expert Level 2
Selective Functional Movement Assessment Expert Level 2
Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1
Strong First Kettelbell Instructor Level 1
CrossFit Trainer Level 1
CrossFit Mobility Trainer

Christin Preis

Bachelor in Sportwissenschaften
Master in Sportmedizinischem Training
Krafttrainer A-Lizenz DFLV
Funktional Movement System Level 1+2
Sporttherapeut ‚Innere‘ I.A. (Diabetestrainer, Onkologietrainer, Herz-Kreislauf Trainer)

With „krafted – movement and habit coaching“ we believe in coaching for individuals which enables everyone – regardless of age & physical ability – to constantly expand their physical capabilities.

Our coaching is based on scientifically proven practice; our education methods will help to increase your skills and self-competence in the areas of movement, health and performance. Our aim is to progressively enhance and educate you in your own ability to stay fit, healthy and supple.

Our approach is delivered via dual-coaching combining personal and online coaching in order to optimize your progress.

We use principles, methods and ideas from a variety of leading coaching approaches and use tools and techniques from gymnastics, yoga, weightlifting, kettlebell training, dance amongst others. Always focusing on your path of development.

„krafted“ is derived from the German word „Kraft“ which means power or force and the English words „craft“, „crafted“ and „education“ expressing our mission to enable agility and strength via practice and education. While you learn the craftsmanship of movement, movement will teach you a lot about yourself according to our motto:

„Learn to move and move to learn“